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Supervision Services

Being there for others requires considerable skill, caring and stamina, whether in a professional or voluntary capacity. People-helpers are expected to prioritise the welfare and outcomes of clients and patients, while managing their own reactions to many stressful emotions and issues presented to them.

Supervision performs a number of functions within an emotionally secure and confidential environment:

Formative - strengthening insight, resourcefulness and competence

Restorative - ensuring that our own emotions, stress levels, motivation and energy receive appropriate support

Normative - putting the client first: upholding quality, ethical and professional standards

The main counselling, psychology, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and coaching organisations all require their members to attend regular supervision. This requirement applies regardless of how much training, experience and qualifications a practitioner may have accumulated. As a valued and cost-effective resource, supervision is also becoming more embedded across different fields within the NHS and Social Services, schools and voluntary agencies.

Compared with assisting members of the public, there are distinct differences in the responsibilities, focus and experience of supervision.

Sian Lloyd has met the training and experience requirements required for recognition as a Supervisor with NLPtCA , one of the UKCP Constructivist College member organisations. Her supervisory skills are particularly helpful for:

Professional and trainee psychotherapists, counsellors, medical staff and social workers

Coaching  for business, lifestyle, workplace, studying, remedial work  or in any other context

School, charitable and voluntary programmes established to counsel, support or mentor others

Individual or group supervision, whether face to face or by phone

Emergency supervision, for example following a particularly difficult time

For more information or to arrange a sample supervision session, please contact Sian on 01279 817976 or email