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Welcome to Stansted Psychotherapy - we provide a wide range of counselling, psychotherapy, and coaching for services for people in the local area (Essex, Hertfordshire, London, and Cambridge).


Our goals are to help people to overcome problems, and to coach them in the skills that will make positive and meaningful differences in their personal and professional lives.


Stansted Psychotherapy is run by Sian Lloyd, a highly qualified and experienced therapist who is a UKCP registered psychotherapist and also NLPtCA accredited.


Although Sian's particular expertise is in NLP and Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy, in her work she draws from many other therapies, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Timeline Therapy, and Hypnotherapy. To learn more about how these different techniques can help you, click here.


As personal, career and business issues can overlap significantly, the ability to understand issues from different perspectives offers clear benefits and as a Master of Business Administration, with many years experience in senior management, Sian is well placed to draw together the different strands.


Please browse this website to discover how we help with our clients to:


overcome difficult emotions, traumatic events, or unwanted behaviours

resolve messy problems or situations

address relationship issues

achieve their potential